In learning about different types of drama, students learnt how to make a string puppet of a character of their choice.

In the processes of making, the concept of recycling was revisited for learners had to use tissue rolls and bottle tops to create a puppet.

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Shading is the art of capturing the dark and light areas of an object to bring out the illusion of 3 dimension.

In learning this concept, students were introduced to the values scale to understand the gradual reduction of light from dark to light. The value scale task marked the beginning of learning how to vary hand pressure, which is an important skill in shading.

From this, students progressed to other shading tasks while also learning about hard and soft light.


Colour Wheel

In this unit, students were learning about what a colour wheel is and how to mix and get different colours. The skills learnt were brush hand control, how to change the amount of paint to get the pure colour or a shade and how to take care of a brush. Students finally applied the skills learnt to paint a still life composition of apples.